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YogaLine Yoga Mat

YogaLine Yoga Mat

YogaLine Yoga Mat

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Relax and Let Your Worries Melt Away!

Tough day at work?

Tough week at life?

Yoga Mat

Now lose that negative energy with YogaLine, our body alignment yoga mat that'll give you the purity and peace of mind you've been looking for!

Regular yoga and exercise sessions have been scientifically proven to have a slew of health benefits like better coordination, less stress, and getting laid.. now that's value!

YogaLine helps align your body so that you can stretch out perfectly and align yourself to absorb all of the health and mental benefits that come with a century-old tried & true practice.

Yoga is a stress-relieving practice and this is the mat you need which will make a perfect gift for that sedentary person in your life who could desperately use a little push in the right direction!

So if you're looking for a better and healthier way to live, or you're just looking for a perfect gift idea, grab YogaLine and add this indispensable meditation tool to your personal arsenal!

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NON-SLIP SURFACE - Whether you’re a newbie or experienced, you should always focus on your poses, and not worry about whether your mat will slip. The YogaLine Yoga Mat is made from award-winning non-slip material which offers incredible grip. The double-sided high-grip textured surface holds your mat securely in place so you can concentrate on your yoga, breathing - and nothing else.

✔ SPECIAL ALIGNMENT SYSTEM – The unique Alignment System helps you maintain the correct pose and balance your body. The markings will make your yoga session simpler and seamless. Whether it’s a simple stretch or a more complex pose, having a foundation that improves your alignment will infinitely enhance your progress. 

LARGER SIZE - To achieve the ideal balance, you need enough space which is why the YogaLine Yoga Mat is much larger than a conventional yoga mat. The size measures 183 x 61cm (72*24 inch), you’ll have a longer and wider area to stretch your body.



Is it big enough for ab workout/other exercises?

This mat is exceptionally long. You can do core/ab workouts on this mat. The padding is thick enough to make it comfortable and large enough to perform crunches or other exercises without my body making contact with the floor. 

Which side faces up? The grooved side or smooth?

The sides with the markings should be facing up as it helps you get in the perfect pose and maintain your balance. The other side has a grip that makes the mat slip-resistant. 

Does this contain latex?

No, YogaLine mats do not contain latex.

Is it slippery?

The mat is made from an anti-slip material on both sides which hold the mat securely in place. Thus, it does not slip, giving you a seamless yoga experience. 

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